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  1. in the my media of DVD-R 16x Verbatim azo (MCC03RG20) errors PIF are errors that will erase the disk data and it can not be read in the future? I burned 4 dvd discs verbatim azo and all burn a single file the same file presented PIF 68 or 107, these DVD-r discs must be thrown away because it has no long-term archiving? my dvd drive is ATAPI iHAS122 F
    Revisão do Firmware EL06
    Tamanho do buffer 512 KB
    Fabricante Lite-On
    and the program that made the verification C1 / C2 PI-PO test nero DiscSpeed 5

    when I do the check ScanDisc of Nero DiscSpeed and read check with ImgBurn no errors found 100% good

    i burned in 6x minimum speed in drive
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    You have asked about PIF errors (and other errors) and what they mean with respect to long-term readability of data on DVDs more than once. (The first time as gamemaniaco.) You were answered. Nobody is going to waste their time answering again. Keep it up and you will be banned again.
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  3. no one answered that my doubts and I had never asked about burning errors, please respond
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