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  1. VLC always crashed whenever I do this. I thought this was a bug so eventually they would fix it. But after experiencing this last year as well as again this year I am starting to doubt if it's just my problem.

    The steps to crash are;

    1. Open a Video in VLC

    2. Crop it using the crop to aspect ratio in the 'Video' menu in the top toolbar.

    3. Take a screenshot using the 'Take Snapshot' function

    If you have managed to do this without crashing then please post here so that I can confirm it's something wrong on my end. (PC Specs or something else)

    Or This could be a new bug we can report to VideoLAN
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  2. No problem here. Version 2.0.7, 32 bit, Windows 7 64 bit.
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  3. No problem. VLC 2.1.5. Windows 8.1 x64.
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    Worked fine for me, VLC 2.2.4 Win 8.1 x64.
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