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    I've recorded two hour's worth of footage in the above mentioned mode (@50fps) and am left with 12 or so separate mp4 files. Obviously I want to join these together for burning to DVD or blu ray. I've imported them into iMovie (10.1.2), joined them and exported them but I now have either a 30gb file (Custom mode) or 112gb (ProRes mode). Ideally I want the file to total no more than the sum of its original files (i.e. 50gb) from the camera. Any ideas how to avoid re-encoding whilst joining the files together for later burning/uploading?
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  2. Current versions of iMovie automatically transcode to AIC or Pro Res, so you can't keep the original format without changing software.

    On a mac, FCPX is really your best bet. With it you can import your entire card structureand it will automatically stitch the long files for you.

    You can also try Davinci Resolve (free) or Adobe Premiere.
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