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  1. Hi all. I haven't ripped/copied a DVD in 8 or 10 years. I was trying to copy a DVD now and downloaded DVD Shrink which I used back in the day and I get an error "cyclic redundancy error". I googled and read about Any DVD. I installed that and tried, and still get the error.

    I understand DVD Shrink is no longer supported, can someone give me a shortlist on how to rip/copy a DVD these days on windows?

    Thanks in advance. Greg
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    You can try dFab DVD passkey, there is a free version
    Or the trial version of DVD dFab
    If this is the newest blockbuster movie you night need to purchase the full version of DVD dFab

    Shrink is still a good program, but movie encryption protection is more advance
    And the DVD has to be decrypted and copied to pc hard drive intact as a folder
    Before shrink can be used
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    Information on the DVD itself would also be very helpful.
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  4. The DVD is Hillary's America by DInesh D'Souza.
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