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  1. Hi all,

    I have a question about DVD ripping with subtitles. I have some DVDs of a TV show which contain subtitle option, and I wonder how I can rip the DVDs into .avi or .mp4 and also generate .srt for the subtitles.

    Please advise, thanks!
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  2. DVDs into .avi or .mp4
    HandBrake / Vidcoder.

    generate .srt for the subtitles.
    Subtitle Edit or DVDSubEdit
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  3. Converting DVD subtitles to srt is a pain. You need character recognition software and the time to check what it's doing as the subtitles are imported (if you want them to be as accurate as possible). I don't think there's a simple way to do it properly.

    As already suggested by videobruger, I use Subtitle Edit. It has quite good options for fixing OCR errors and it'll fix problems such as overlapping subtitles or long single lines etc. The "Tools/Fix Common Errors" menu after importing the subtitles will provide a selectable list of problems Subtitle can check for and offer to fix. The default choices are a good place to start.
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