Here is another program I found @ Shareware On Sale. It is a good place to get free, reasonably good working software that you can save and use later or after a crash. Unlike Giveaway Today where you have to install it within a time constraint. So here goes.


A simple and straightforward interface

MP4 Video and Audio tag editor uses a simple and straightforward approach to getting all your media loaded, processed and ready for tagging. You will find the drag and drop or complete folder loading capability quite useful if you intent to tag a whole lot of media.

I tried a folder with up to 200 videos at a go and the app didnít have any trouble loading them and listing the files ready for tagging.

An Impressive Array of Editables

The number of files you can edit here covers a wide range of professional data any seasoned playlist manager would want to take charge of. You will have the power to change the common Basic Information like artist, album, title and release date and also have sections for cover art, accompanying information lyrics and comments. This makes it a perfect tool for extended playlists that give you more information than just the music or video itself.

A Highly Detailed Search Tab

Clicking on the advanced search tab brings up one of the most impressive and comprehensive search interface ever seen. You can such a file by virtually any information you can use MP$ Video and Audio Tag Editor to append to a file. The name, release date, artist album. Name it. Think this makes it a simple way to create playlists using searches especially since you can launch playback straight from the tag editor.


Doesnít Support Audio Files

MP$ Video & Audio Tag Editor is just good for files in the MP4 container format. It doesnít accept MP3 or WMA and other pure audio file formats. This is a bit misguided since the name has the word Audio. The majority of my music is in Audio and would have personally appreciated a wider file format support.

No Multiple Tag Editing

Itís a pity you cannot put similar values to multiple files at a go. For instance, if you have a list of Justin Timberlake songs and want to input the common artist and album data, thereís nothing you can do to it as the software doesnít, or rather I didnít, find a way to do batch processing.


MP4 Video & Audio Tag editor would be great if all youíve got is MP4 based videos and media files. I also have to assume that you would want to edit each file individually and would also want a lazy way to using different search parameters to create an impressive playlist. This coupled with its detailed tag editing options is the only thing that makes it worthwhile.

I apologize if it seems that I list this much info, but it is for your information so you can determine if it is something worthwhile. I haven't tested this yet because my test machine needs a good cleaning out! 250GB HDD with free space of 11GB. I have it in both 32 & 64 bit and as usual wrapped up in a neat package for download. To downloadClick Here and I hope you find this useful.

Have a blessed and great day!