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    I'm not sure exactly where to put this, but this seems the most appropriate place. Anyway...

    I've been watching a certain TV series, which has been quite enjoyable except for playing the up and down game with the volume control! I'd like to introduce some sort of volume leveling, somehow... my setup is as follows:

    PS3 (grabs content from Plex server) --HDMI--> TV


    TV RCA output -> soundbar

    The TV does have some sort of volume leveling option, and even though it's enabled, it seems to do nothing. Could this be because I'm passing the signal through the TV to the soundbar? It's not a sound channel problem or anything, the show is encoded with stereo audio and this particular show appears to be notorious for this issue anyways...

    Is there some app I can run on the PS3 which I can use to play my Plex content that might have this feature? Please don't suggest the Plex app, it's horribly slow and unresponsive. I've been playing my content simply by accessing the media server from the PS3's main menu.
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    The TV sound leveling shouldn't have any effect on this type of issue. It's for when there are drastic changes from a given input (like commercials when watching broadcast TV). It can't/won't alter sound levels from a given input as files change. Otherwise it would also affect the audio say each time you played a different DVD movie (those are all often quite different as well).

    There is no real time solution that I'm aware of. The only reason there would be a major difference between files is if these are broadcast captures from varying sources, as any RIP's from a DVD set, for example, would all be similar. Your only real option would be to alter the files (ie: extract the audio, normalize, remux).
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