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    I wish for a player where I can
    seek within a video file -- copy the current position to clipboard.
    So that I can paste it into a text document.

    is there such a player?

    these would be files with or without time code.

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  2. VirtualDub has a "copy source frame number to clipboard" feature.
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  3. VirtualDub is very good, and a proper NLE like Premiere or Vegas has more features...
    But what about using a regular media player?
    My first thought was to use the MPC-HC Navigate, Go to feature, and copy the current time & frame number from there, but then...

    Did you know MPC-HC has an Edit list Editor? I didn't until stumbling on it just now.
    Here's how it works (AFAICT)
    • Set up some hotkeys (there are no menu items). Options, Player, Keys: scroll down.
    • For example, I set mine up like this:
    • - Ctrl+F12: Toggle EDL Window
    • - Ctrl+F9: EDL new clip
    • - Ctrl+F10: EDL set In
    • - Ctrl+F11: EDL set Out
    • - Ctrl+Shift+F12: EDL save
    • Open a movie. Press Ctrl+F12 to show the Edit list Editor.
    • Drag the Editor to a position you like - docked or undocked.
    • Press Ctrl+F9 to create a new clip (edit list item)
    • Press Ctrl+F10 to mark In. You can press it multiple times while finding the right frame.
    • Optional, press Ctrl+F11 to mark Out.
    • Press Ctrl+F9 to start another clip. If you didn't mark Out, an Out point is added automatically.
    • Repeat as needed. An EDL is built, looking like the screenshot.
    • Ignore the nonfunctional GUI controls, such as User, Hot Folder and the Name column.
      This feature is not completely coded. It does work though.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	MP-HC-EDL-2.png
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Size:	93.4 KB
ID:	38954
    • Save the list with Ctrl+Shift+F12 and close MPC-HC (the file is not created until MPC-HC is closed)
    • A new file should appear in the movie folder, named <movie file>.edl
    • Open this file in a text editor. You get a list of times like this:
    00:00:01,971	00:00:04,422			
    00:00:06,881	00:00:08,211			
    00:00:08,643	00:00:09,628			
    00:00:10,181	00:00:10,991			
    00:00:15,019	00:00:19,057
    If you need frame numbers, you can get them using a spreadsheet etc. (frame=time*fps)

    Test thoroughly before using this for anything important! And don't blame me if anything goes wrong!
    Tested in MPC-HC version 1.7.10 64-bit. Since this is an undocumented feature, it may come and go in various builds.
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    dar -- i just down loaded MPC-HC

    when I do ctrl & F12 ... i get zip
    should I get a diff vers??

    MPC-HC (Nightly, 64-bit)

    Build information:
    Version: (e91b41e)
    Compiler: MSVC 2015 Update 3
    Build date: Jul 8 2016 01:12:35

    LAV Filters:
    LAV Splitter:
    LAV Video:
    LAV Audio:
    FFmpeg compiler: MinGW-w64 GCC 6.1.0

    Operating system:
    Name: Windows NT 10.0 (build 14393)
    Version: 10.0 (64-bit)

    CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU W3565 @ 3.20GHz
    GPU1: NVIDIA Quadro 2000 (driver version:
    GPU2: NVIDIA Quadro 2000 (driver version:
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  5. Originally Posted by jshupert View Post
    when I do ctrl & F12 ... i get zip
    should I get a diff vers??
    Read carefully. You need to set-up hotkeys first. The keys raffriff42 uses are only suggestions.
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  6. I suggest you start with VirtualDub (post #2) and see if that is enough for what you are doing. It's simple and needs no special software.

    Set up a hotkey (yes, hotkeys again) Options, Keyboard, Video.CopySourceFrameNumber. I use Ctrl+F.

    If that works well for you, the next step would be to create a macro to copy & paste the frame number into Notepad with one command. Here, I've written one for AutoHotkey. You're going to have to learn a little AutoHotkey (AHK) - it's well worth the effort. Super-useful program.
    ; ** Ctrl+M ("[M]ark"): copy current frame from VirtualDub; paste in Notepad
    ;    (vdub must be in still frame, not playing)
        SetTitleMatchMode, 2
        ;; VirtualDub must be running
        IfWinNotActive, ahk_class VirtualDub
            return ;
        ;; ...and must be in still frame mode
        IfWinExist, dub in progress
            return ;
        ;; Notepad must be running 
        IfWinNotExist, ahk_class Notepad
            MsgBox, , Copy Frame Number, Notepad not running!
            return ;
        ;; press vdub hotkey (Ctrl+F) to copy frame number 
        ;; >>> you need to set this hotkey beforehand <<< 
        SendInput, ^f
        Sleep, 100
        ;; enter comment (optional) and Enter or Cancel 
        InputBox, notes, Copy Frame Number, Add a comment (optional) and press OK, , , , , , , , %clipboard% -
        if ErrorLevel 
            ;; cancel
            return ;
        clipboard = %notes%
        ;; switch to notepad  
        WinWait, ahk_class Notepad, 
        IfWinNotActive, ahk_class Notepad, , WinActivate, ahk_class Notepad, 
        WinWaitActive, ahk_class Notepad
        ;; scroll down 
        SendInput, ^{END}
        SendInput, {ENTER}
        ;; type clipboard contents 
        SendInput, %clipboard%
        Sleep, 100
        ;; switch back to virtualdub, ready for next frame number 
        WinWait, ahk_class VirtualDub, 
        IfWinNotActive, ahk_class VirtualDub, , WinActivate, ahk_class VirtualDub, 
        WinWaitActive, ahk_class VirtualDub,
        return ;
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