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    I am using Adobe Audition CC 2015 to tweak the audio from a concert captured with my HDPVR.. I demuxed the .ts file with tsmuxer.

    When I'm done with the the file - What should my output settings be for Dnorm & DRC?
    I don't want my finished audio to be lower in volume or any DRC applied. Should I leave the Dialog norm at -31 and DRC at 'none' ?
    Do I need to calculate RMS like the process for movies?
    Or if I uncheck the 'include markers and other metadata' box will it save the file without Dnorm & DRC metadata?

    Furthermore, I read on the forum that some people are reading metadata for Dnorm & DRC with mediainfo. I've tried and I don't see that information. (basic,sheet,tree,text) ??
    Are there ac3 metadata editors that can change these settings without re-encoding?

    edit: I just saw the info below on another forum.. Looks like I need to tell Adobe to apply 'music light' DRC to the file.. Opinions?

    First, in AC3 metadata, there is no way to deactivate DRC - you only indicate the type of program on the dics. If you set it to 'None', it means you did not tell the player about what is on the dics, and it will apply its default DRC setting - it does not mean that 'None' compression is to be applied.
    The only way to deactivate DRC is in the player's menu, and even that is not possible with all players.
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