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  1. I record tv shows. The old format is MPEG2 video + AC3 audio in a .TS container. I would run mpeg2repair just to log errors on those files, and it would show if there were video or audio timestamp problems, etc. However, the new format is AVC video + AC3 audio in a .TS container, so mpeg2repair is useless. Is there any software out there that can check this stream for errors? I've been using this command line with ffprobe for now:

    ffprobe.exe -show_frames -print_format csv -i "FOLDER\FILE.ts" > "FOLDER\probe.csv" 2>> "FOLDER\errors.txt"
    In the errors.txt file I often find things like

    [h264 @ 000000000409baa0] Found reference and non-reference fields in the same frame, which is not implemented. Update your FFmpeg version to the newest one from Git. If the problem still occurs, it means that your file has a feature which has not been implemented.
    [h264 @ 000000000409baa0] If you want to help, upload a sample of this file to and contact the ffmpeg-devel mailing list.
    [h264 @ 000000000409baa0] decode_slice_header error
    [h264 @ 000000000409c380] reference picture missing during reorder
    [h264 @ 000000000409c380] Missing reference picture, default is 65549
    [h264 @ 0000000000374b20] reference picture missing during reorder
    [h264 @ 0000000000374b20] Missing reference picture, default is 65556
    [h264 @ 0000000004152980] reference picture missing during reorder
    [h264 @ 0000000004152980] Missing reference picture, default is 65564
    [h264 @ 0000000004153280] mmco: unref short failure
    [mpegts @ 0000000000380380] PES packet size mismatch
    [h264 @ 00000000003a5440] missing picture in access unit with size 170
    [h264 @ 000000000409baa0] no frame!
    I'm not sure what to make of any of it. Do any of these errors actually affect the viewing of the video (like screen tearing, macroblocking, other obvious visible glitches)? What does [h264 @ 0000000004152980] mean? I haven't seen any audio errors yet, but I presume that they would appear there too.
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    Have you tried view the video that shows such errors? Do you notice anything?

    But I haven't seen anything easy like mpeg2repair for avc video ts streams.
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    VideoRedo's Quickstream Fix?
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