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  1. I'm looking for a good deinterlacer filter that's fast (so gpu assisted i'm thinking here) because deinterlacing a 19 min full HD video in ~4 hours with qtgmc is not funny (and with gentle settings at that !)
    Thanks for your help guys
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  2. Maybe yadif will be OK for you (quality/speed).
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  3. Depends on your definition of "good"

    The most common GPU deinterlacers used are intel's QS vpp deinterlace , or nvidia's purevideo deinterlacer . The quality is about on the level of "bob" or "yadif" which might be acceptable depending on the scenario

    You can also try speeding up QTGMC with avisynth MT, or do parallel processing of segments
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  4. i already use avisynth Mt (edithreads for qtgmc,4 for me) it's slow as hell .
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  5. On my i5 2500K, 1920x1080, 29.97i, Mpeg2Source(), AviSynthMT, no encoding:

    QTGMC() 2 fps
    QTGMC(preset=fast) 9 fps
    nnedi3(field=3) 33 fps
    Interleave(TFM(field=1),TFM(field=0)) 36 fps
    TDeint(mode=1) 61 fps
    yadif(mode=1) 208 fps

    All CPU based deinterlacers.
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  6. In the world of business, it is often said, you get to pick two of the three: good, fast, and cheap. QTGMC is notoriously slow for SD sources—HD is reportedly 6x-8x slower—but is there a better de-interlacer out there at the slower (default) setting? I suppose one would have to run some tests on 60p footage to know for sure.
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