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    sample image of The Fifth Element, from the Panasonic AG-1980 -> Hauppauge HVR-950Q -- see post # 12

    sample image showing pro amp color controls -- see page # 1

    a screenshot of my new kingdel mini pc -- see post #

    ag-1980 broken plastic piece - pm

    drive letter changer app -- see post # 1

    strange new folder view layout under windows 7 home premium -- see post #3
    strange new folder view layout corrected, solved -- see post # 7

    USB to PCI via ExpressCard to a laptop idea -- see post # 1 through 5

    id 0574 panasonic pv-4662 sample, T5E widescreen, opening -- no post

    id 0580 panasonic pv-4662 sample, startrek tng 'when the bough breaks' -- no post
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