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  1. Is there a 'good' video converter like Handbrake that can do 1440p and 2160p video encoding?

    Also, I ran a (3 minute) video through Handbrake using Constant Quality close to loseless, and audio bitrate up, and yet the output file was only about 30MB more. Is that normal?
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  2. Bump..........
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  3. HandBrake isn't inherently better or worse than other converters for this task. Either you are using it wrong or you are expecting things that can't happen. Provide input and output MediaInfo logs and if possible sample file. Tell us your settings and HandBrake version. Which video encoding level have you chosen? HandBrake will limit bitrate according to level so if the level is too low bitrate won't increase further even if you decrease CRF. What kind of source is it anyways? Hollywood movie, animation or Powerpoint slides? The type can change the outcome.
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