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    This is a relative common problem people are having. I have a video that is a .mkv file and the Xbox Media player will not play, it instead gives me a message stating "This item was encoded in a format that's not supported. Apparently the problem here is not with the video or even the fact that it is a .mkv file but is apparently the audio format being used. I downloaded the free trial of another media player on X-box one called Duplex Media Player +. It will play the video even though the X-Box media player will not but the sound is very staticy and not very good at it is apparent that this other media player is having the same problem as the X-Box player. I keep hearing that VLC is coming out for the X-Box ONe, is was supposed to come out this past August but is not listed in my app store. So in the mean time, is there anyway I can fix this so that I can play this video? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Install mediainfo and post a text message of the results of the video.
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