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  1. Since I applied the Windows 10 anniversary update I can't get subtitles to work properly with Media Player Classic Home Cinema, which I've been using for many years with no problem. I've tried mkv files with embedded and with .srt files. I've tried every combination of DirectShow Video renderers (Overlay Mixerer Renderer, VMR9 windowed and renderless, EVR plain and custom and madVR) in combination with different Subtitle Renderers (internal, VOBSUB and XySubfilter) with Media Foundation enabled and disabled. I get either good picture but no subtitles (greyed out on File/Load and on right click) or picture with subtitles but everything flipped upside down. With EVR custom i can flip the picture using the right click/Filters/VSFilter/Flipped Picture, but the subtitles are still upside down (backwards at the top of the screen). I'm using the MPC-HC version in the K-Lite codec pack (though I couldn't get any subtitles with the plain download either). I have Intel HD graphics and have updated the drivers. What am I missing?
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  2. Now I can get everything to work by going into the Device Manager and disabling the Intel graphics adapter. I've tried updating the driver through the Device Manager and through the Dell and Intel support websites, so the driver is the most up to date there is (Intel HD graphics family. Driver date: 5/25/16. Driver version: Does that mean it's an Intel problem and the only fix is for them to put out an updated driver? In the meantime I just use the generic driver? What do I lose by way of graphics?
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