Helo guys,
i'am from brasil, and i'am a student.
I bougth some classes from this website: cers.com.br.
To acess the video they ask you a login and a password (that i have).
I tried a lot of tips and anything works so far.
The site had a several of videos (lesson 1, part 1, 2, 3; lesson 2, part 1, 2, 3...).
When you acess the lesson page, you have this source code:

var urlHTML5 = "https://PECO01HLS-vh.akamaihd.net/i/video/AAAAAL/105697/,RAO_3640_021516_FERNANDO_DIR_PRO_CIV_AULA_04_PT_I V_OK-720p,RAO_3640_021516_FERNANDO_DIR_PRO_CIV_AULA_04_ PT_IV_OK-480p,RAO_3640_021516_FERNANDO_DIR_PRO_CIV_AULA_04_ PT_IV_OK-240p,.mp4.csmil/master.m3u8?hdnea=exp=1476110364~acl=/*~id=I7pGilndQIaqmjmACumUiPvU.sp-tucson-prod-10~hmac=a9a6d2fd6107a318fcd973ddd8bafb9c340b571161 001a9133775329d800684c";
var urlFlash = "http://PECO01HDS-vh.akamaihd.net/z/video/AAAAAL/105697/,RAO_3640_021516_FERNANDO_DIR_PRO_CIV_AULA_04_PT_I V_OK-720p,RAO_3640_021516_FERNANDO_DIR_PRO_CIV_AULA_04_ PT_IV_OK-480p,RAO_3640_021516_FERNANDO_DIR_PRO_CIV_AULA_04_ PT_IV_OK-240p,.mp4.csmil/manifest.f4m?hdnea=exp=1476110364~acl=/*~id=I7pGilndQIaqmjmACumUiPvU.sp-tucson-prod-10~hmac=a9a6d2fd6107a318fcd973ddd8bafb9c340b571161 001a9133775329d800684c";

I tried to download this 2 URL'S whit ffmpeg -i comand, but i receive the message that "server returnet 403 Forbidden <acess denied>".

I also tried to download whith Internet Download Manager, but something strange happens.

When i clicked for playing the video, IDM show a message for download it.

IDM has downloaded a .VLC file from this URL:


The VLC file its about 250MB, but i can play the file.

I've downloaded a lot of players and codecs, but anyone has worked (BS player, VLC player, Riva FLV player, K-little codec pack, etc...)

I think IDM had downloaded the wrong file because the m3u8 URL looks like a .mp4 file.

Anyone can help-me?