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  1. Hi all,

    i have search everywhere on google and bing on how to convert these m4s files that i have.

    im trying to download a video that is hosted on akamaihd which is split into fragments of m4s files

    i have tried invidownloader, managed to download all the segments, and combine into 1 single m4s file.

    but the conversion feature on invidownloader is not working. it's not converting the m4s file that i have into mp4.

    i have tried handbrake and also ffmpeg command line.

    when i tried to run ffmpeg -i video.m4s, it says invalid data found.

    tried to search what is m4s file about, and google tells me it's a file for a game. :S

    please help me!

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  2. For what it's worth. It sounds like you didn't download all the segments. Even if it doesn't show make sure to start with segment-0 and not segment-1. Without that segment ffmpeg won't be able to know what it's working with.
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  3. Have you tried KastorSoft Free M4A Converter V1.11?
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