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  1. I backed up a ton of DVDs but apparently without the MDS file

    I know it may not be authentic - but is it possible to get MDS file from a friend with the same TV Shows? He has similar ones as me and has MDS for them. Or does this differ per disc pressing etc?

    Or Option B- is it possible to extract the VIDEO_TS folder from the .iso and try that way?

    So confused.

    I loaded the .ISOs (virtual drive) without a MDS in imgburn and hit the media information icon and it shows this:

    So do the .ISO files already have the layer break information built in? Pretty confused
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    AFAIK imgburn does not make use of the MDS file. It will either select an appropriate layer-break or refuse the burn if there is not one.
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  3. ^ I don't believe that is accurate. When I load a .iso it always ends up auto-loading a .MDS file to burn to disc.
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    Try burning one with ImgBurn. If it cannot find the layer break it will tell you about it.
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