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  1. Hello everyone, I'm have find in internet a guide "how to incorporate a .srt into a mkv" and i found the software mkvtoolnix-gui.exe. But i view that haven't the setting for change the size of the .srt. I want to change the font size because my tv have make small font for the subtitles. When i use .avi i use the software AVIAddXSub and it have the options for change the size. But the mkvtoolnix-gui.exe dont have this options. What i should do ?

    Thanks for the help.
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  2. The player decides what font and size to use when using SRT subs. If your TV doesn't have controls for that you'll have to use a different subtitle format.
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  3. Hi, the tv can play srt files but cant change the size . The size is too small for me.
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  4. I have view many softwares: with Freemake Video Converter can change the size but i dont find the options for change the language. I want to use CYRILLIC or RUSSIAN but it dont have this options. With mkvtoolnix-gui.exe i can use WINDOWS-1251 i find a solution for the charset buit cant change the size.
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  5. If your TV supports .ASS format you can use that and define the font size. Or you can hardcode them. I don't know if Freemake Video Converter can do this else there is Xmedia Recode or mux them into the video file with MKVToolnix and use Handbrake or Videcoder.
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  6. Some software players support the html font size tag for individual characters/words/lines in SRT file. But it's not likely your TV will.

    00:00:01,000 --> 00:00:03,000
    This is the default size.
    <font size="30px" color="yellow">A big yellow font.</font>
    00:00:4,000 --> 00:00:6,000
    <font size="30px" color="red">A big red font.</font>
    Back to the default.
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  7. I solve the problem with apowersoft mkv converter.
    -When you open the program you must select the file. For do this select "Add File" is present in two parts in the program.

    -After you must add the .srt and for do this select the botton for "add subtitles".

    -But for edit the subtitles you must select another botton the "edit" botton.

    -In this window select tab "subtitles".

    -In this case select the tab for edit "font options"

    -Here you can edit the dimension. I for my TV select "36".

    -For complete the work click "ok".

    -Finally, you must create the .mkv. Click on "Profile" and then click on "mkv" and select "same as source" or similar.

    -After select "the destination" and press "convert"
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