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  1. Before there was a way to keep the video file from changing the window size upon playback. I keep finding old threads saying "Aspect ration > fit to window" but this option is gone with the latest version of PotPlayer and I don't know what to do.

    It's really annoying that the video file changes my player window size. I would appreciate it if someone helps me out.
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  2. I don't use Potplayer regularly but I had a look and found two settings.

    General/Startup: There's a "Window size" setting. If you set it to "custom" you can specify whatever size you like. That's the size for the player to start up without opening a video.

    Playback: There's a "Default window size" setting, once again with a "custom" option. That seems to determine the size of the player window when a video is opened. If it's different to the aspect ratio of the video you'll have black bars as required to keep the correct aspect ratio for the video.

    Setting those two options to "custom" and the same size should cause the player to open that way when it's run without opening a video, and stay that way when you do open one.
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  3. I did this and it works. Thanks.
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