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    I tried watching the video using Hola ( as the site is accessible only in germany ) and eventually when the IDM Download popped up with the video length ( 24 min approx) and quality I tried but IDM kept showing same error " HTTP error 400 bad request " .Tried other apps like replay media catcher also but they cant even detect. Please help.

    note : in my browser cache I also tried to find m3u8 link in hope of livestreamer but all I saw was random v.ism files which I have no idea what to do
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    youtube-dl --no-warnings -F ""
    [prosiebensat1] tv/germanys-next-topmodel/video/staffel-3/37-staffel-3-episode-7-casting-am-flughafen-ganze-folge: Downloading webpage
    [prosiebensat1] 1169654: Downloading videos JSON
    [prosiebensat1] 1169654: Downloading sources JSON
    [prosiebensat1] 1169654: Downloading urls JSON
    [prosiebensat1] 1169654: Downloading f4m manifest
    [prosiebensat1] 1169654: Downloading urls JSON
    [prosiebensat1] 1169654: Downloading m3u8 information
    [prosiebensat1] 1169654: Downloading urls JSON
    [prosiebensat1] 1169654: Downloading urls JSON
    [info] Available formats for 1169654:
    format code  extension  resolution note
    hls-meta     mp4        multiple   Quality selection URL
    hls-264      mp4        unknown     264k
    hls-464      mp4        unknown     464k
    hls-664      mp4        unknown     664k
    hds-728      flv        640x360     728k
    hls-1296     mp4        unknown    1296k
    http-1296-0  mpd        unknown    1296k
    http-1296-1  mp4        unknown    1296k
    hds-1392     flv        640x360    1392k
    http-1896    mp4        unknown    1896k
    hds-2024     flv        768x432    2024k
    hds-2456     flv        768x432    2456k  (best)
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