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    qtgmc filter not working

    Click image for larger version

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    please help .
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  2. The error message seems pretty obvious. Do you have RemoveGrain? And not just any version but the one for your version of QTGMC. And if you have it, is it in your Plugins folder. And if not, you should use a LoadPlugin line for it in your script. Here's the QTGMC page on the AviSynth site which will help you get all that you need to make it work:

    The rest of your script is pretty peculiar as well, but you didn't ask about that.
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  3. -Download and install AviSynth
    -Download the "Plugin Package with all requirements" at the link above and carefully follow the instructions within on where to put the files. One of them has to go into your Windows system folders.
    -Download v3.32 of the script from the above page.

    Below is a test script to see if everything is working. I haven't tried multithreaded processing yet since I don't have Avisynth-MT installed.


    AviSource( "x:\yourfile.avi" ) #Replace with your video file
    AssumeTFF() #This line is important as AviSynth usually guesses field order incorrectly! Change to AssumeBFF() if working with bottom-field-first video.
    QTGMC( Preset= "Slow" ) #Description of presets can be found on the avisynth wiki
    SelectEven() #Needed to keep 29.97/25fps video. Remove if you want 59.94/50fps output
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  4. The QTGMC plugins package is a place to start, but many of the plugins are old and outdated. It'd pay to Google them individually and check for newer versions.

    RemoveGrain can still be used but in it's case there's a replacement plugin called RGTools which has the same functionality and non of the confusion caused by multiple RemoveGrain versions and dlls with different functions. If you happen to be using VerticalCleaner.dll (I can't remember if it's required for QTGMC) you should remove it too if you use RGTools.

    Assuming you have QTGMC and all the required plugins installed correctly, the problem might be a missing dependency which will result in a plugin not working. RGTools requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Package. There's a link on the Avisynth RGTools page I linked to. If you stick with RemoveGrain, check it's Avisynth page for a similar requirement. I think the different RemoveGrain versions require different Microsoft Visual C++ versions so make sure you install the right one. You can also check for plugin dependency issues with Avisynth Info Tool.

    PS If you put the QTGMC script in the Avisynth plugins folder along with the other plugins required, and it as and avsi extension, it'll be loaded automatically so you can use QTGMC without having to import it first.
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