Hello, I have quite a few questions to ask so bear with me. I have several mp4 video files that I purchased from Atmosfear FX(I'm doing a Halloween display) They are in 1920x1080 HD format. I want to convert them to 4x3 because my window which I am displaying them on is closer to 4x3 than 16x9 dimensions. I used mkvmerge to convert them to 4x3. When I play them on my PC they look fine, 4x3 aspect ratio. I'm using an Epson projector and panasonic blu-ray player to display the video.

I used Multiavchd to convert the project to blu-ray format. When I play the disc on my PC it looks fine 4x3 AR, but when I play the video on my bluray player which I have tried 2, both panasonic the image is 16x9. I have played a 4x3 movie on this set-up and it looks normal (4x3 AR) so I know the settings on the projector and bluray player are correct. The odd thing when I look at the text when the project is burning in multiavchd it says original AR 1440x1080, SAR 1440x1080, DAR 1920x1080. Is it somehow setting the display AR to 1920x1080 instead of 1440x1080?

The only other option I can think of is to play the mkv files directly on the player or usb drive, however I want to loop the playback so it plays continuously. Is there a way to burn a data bluray with imgburn using the mkv files and set it to loop playback?

Sorry for all the questions, just can't figure this one out.