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  1. Please help me if you can.

    I have a DBPower 9.5" Portable DVD player.

    It has been fine but the last two DVD's that I have purchased will not play.

    They are the new Jungle Book, and Star Wars the Force Awakens. Both discs play fine on every other player I own.

    DB Power sent me a replacement unit. Same problem. Wont play these latest discs.

    The supplier suggests that they may be 'Professional or Dolby Discs' whatever that means. What do I know I just bought them from Tesco.

    The Player was purchased in the UK via Amazon UK. The DVDs were also purchased in the UK.

    Any ideas?

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    If they have sent you the latest player, with the latest firmware, there probably isn't much else you can do to the player. The other option is to decrypt and rip the movies to the hard drive of your computer and burn to new discs.

    I have no idea what your supplier is talking about. Dolby sound (AC3) is included on the vast majority of commercial DVD's.

    If you want to decrypt, rip and burn to new discs, you should try the free trial for AnyDVD or one of the free trials for DVDFab Passkey, or the main DVDFab program. If you want a complete copy, you can do this, but you would probably have to burn to double layer DVD's and the only ones we recommend are made by Verbatim. You can copy and compress to fit a single layer disc with the main DVDFab program.
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    Not play right?

    Audio or Video

    I'm not aware of any changes in the mfg publishing of new commercial release DVDs

    Aren't those both from Disney ?

    You might check online, see if anybody else is having problems with Disney releases
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