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  1. I'm thinking about (re-)learning Spanish. I've noticed that there's quite a lot of movies/series at in both SD and "HD", that are downloadable. Plus they've got subtitles there, which I can't download. Maybe there's simply a button to do it and I can't find it. So please Spanish-speakers, can you have a look?

    I've found this project: . So it looks like the subs are there in html format and this program can convert them to srt, but my command line/terminal knowledge is close to zero. Do I need to compile it or just paste for example (but there's no exe etc there):

    rtve-subtitles into terminal?

    Let's say I have it here: C:\Users\Allisone\Desktop\rtve-subtitles-master\rtve-subtitles . I open the terminal there by putting cmd in address bar, and so full command is:


    but I'm getting obviously " ... is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file".

    Anyway can anybody help me with this 'rtve-subtitles' app or with just downloading the subs? Thanks a lot!
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  2. Anybody's got any idea?
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  3. To download subtitle

    1. In Chrome right click and select Inspect
    2. select Network
    3. start play video with subtitle selected
    4. In search bar type vtt
    5. right click on find file and select copy link address

    download file with download manager
    for example DownThemAll:

    now converting from vtt to srt
    delete all color tags by replase all text and open in Subtitle Edit

    Image Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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  4. roma_turok, thank you a lot!! It works. Now I just need to sync subs with videos.
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  5. Don't need sync subtitles, the timing is right
    and vtt can open in Subtitle Edit and convert to SRT
    just need delete before color tags
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  6. You're right again. It was a month ago when I downloaded the video, but I did it from rtve and youtube, to compare quality. By mistake I played the youtube one, which is without the music part at the beginning and that's why the subs weren't in sync. So thanks again

    PS. Unfortunately the video from rtve is created strange way - it has display aspect ratio 16:9, but we can see 4:3. I'd prefer original 4:3. Youtube version has it, but without the music at the beginning, so no subtitle sync.
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    ************* EDIT ****************

    I tried again now and it worked. I was only trying to "Inspect" after the movie was playing. This time I left the inspect opened with the "VTT" filter since the before playing the movie and it worked.

    Thanks for the post!

    Hi. Sorry for reopening the tread, but I'm trying to download a subtitle from RTVE.ES and the above metod doesn't work for me.

    The vídeo that I'm trying to download the subtitle is:

    But the VTT archive doesn't show for me (see picture bellow). I tried to refresh the screen a few times and secured that the subtitle was already active, but with no success.

    Can anyone help me?

    One more thing. Since I'm in Brazil, I have to use a VPN to watch the show. Don't know if this makes any difference in downloading the subtitles.

    [Attachment 55597 - Click to enlarge]
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