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  1. i use the "autoencode" option in megui.
    i insert the avs file at the top part and the ac3 i've got from DGIndex in the bottom part
    then i click auto encode and choose a target size (some thing like 400 mb for 20m anime episode) , choose mkv then encode

    should i use x265? i see that not many people use is for some reason (as i see it , better quality for less size) am i missing something?

    also the bar in the "encoding settings" like is called x265 *scratchpad* or x264 *scratchpad*, what does it mean?
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  2. At the moment, x265 can still be a playback problem for many people, so if you want to be compatible with the broadest range and vintage of devices stick with x264. If you don't care about that, and are only interested in sharing/swapping with the most up-to-date geeks, x265 is fine. Personally I wish the damned spec had never been invented, I've had nothing but trouble with x265 files received from other people, but thats my bad luck. x265 is rapidly taking over anime/scene community, despite the fact half the viewing community hates it (the "authors" seem to love it, so it may soon supplant x264).
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