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    Hi, I have an mp4/m4v file that contains internal CEA-608 closed caption subtitles in English, but I would like to extract these into an external text file so that I can then translate them into Swedish (just for personal use, no commercial purpose) and then import them into the video again as a normal .srt file.

    When I use Subler, it does recognize the subtitles, but it doesn't support exporting them into an .srt file for further editing. A few other applications also do acknowledge their existence, but neither of these support exporting them (I have even tried "ffmpeg -i file.mp4 -vn -an -codec:1.2 srt" in Terminal, but that doesn't work either).

    Does anyone know of a way to get the CEA-608 extracted into an srt file -- on a Mac? I know there are some Windows applications like CCExtractor GUI that might be able to do this, but I'm afraid that is not of much use to me... Thanks for input/feedback on this!

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    All I could find for ffmpeg was the command line below, but it only works for ts files. You will have to move the video from the mp4 file to a ts file to try it. ffmpeg can do that too.

    ffmpeg -f lavfi -i movie=input.ts[out+subcc]  -map 0:1
    I found the information at There is an explanation from "ColdLearning" there, dated Aug 26 at 20:32.

    If it doesn't work, you had better ask a friend running Windows if you can borrow his PC so you can try CCExtractorGUI or eac3to.
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