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    so i got my samsung gear vr and i have downloaded some videos for gear vr 180/360 degree , some of those videos arent suported with the video or audio format (not sure) so whenever i convert it into a supported format the video runs but its either split screen side by side or the other way around.

    so kindly asking if there is a special decoder or converter for the Gear VR or a 3D converter.

    would appreciate any help and thanks in advance!
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    Not clear at all....

    There are multiple formats of VR and there are multiple formats of 3D, and not all 3D is VR nor vice-versa.

    Please state which format(s) you have (technical details!) and which you want (and how you want to view it), or better yet, post an original copy of one/some of your source material.

    Use exact model #s, MediaInfo info, etc. The more clear detail the better.

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    converted video is never going to look 'right' on a PC
    do you mean it does not look right on the VR gear

    VR is meant to have a 3d effect but also an immersive effect
    the motion detector in the gear, controls the panning motion of turning the view when your head turns

    normal ? 3d movies for BluRay playback, do not do that, should not do that,
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