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  1. I just changed my ISP and email service.

    Once done, I've lost my saved threads.

    Is there a way to merge those saved threads and continue with the new email?

    Or is a separate registration needed?

    I go back to the helpful answers given at videohelp over years and just remember keywords I
    need to review them.

    I've changed no name info or handle or password in the rolling over the email--I just changed the email address int he current account.
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    Don't quite understand your question.

    Obviously you are logged in with your new/existing detail and you, if I read you correctly, have updated your email addr in 'settings'. That should enable you to get notifications for 'subscribed' topics.

    Of course, if your previous email was web-based and did not download it locally then all that info from your mail acc is lost. You can still read the topics you have posted in to from the 'view my' option at the top of this screen.
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  3. I have made paper copies of most of the long and detailed responses from hello_hello, yourself etc.

    Possibly can do a google search on my login name and then resubscribe to the threads.
    It's the hard way but I can't think of anything else.

    Even if I reset the email address to the old, I can't see how I could migrate
    anything. The topics should be tied to my user name name and "threads I have posted in" is all
    I ever use, then I look at that list.

    Your messages are now coming to my new address correctly.
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  4. Can mark this solved.

    Some way when I viewed VH previously I only was showing the most recent

    Logging in this time since my login name and password did not change
    was able to load 'threads I have posted in" So my advice for this problem
    is: if you change email addresses leave everything else for VH alone.
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