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  1. Hello,
    I hope some one can help me. So I built my new computer mainly for editing videos but my laptop works better lol. The problem i am having is when ever i play a preview of my clip it freezes for like a minute, sometimes it plays but if i stop it and try to play it again it freezes. Now if i try to move the scrubber to trim a clip forget about it it freezes again. it freezes so bad that most of the time i have to restart my computer because it does not let me close the program down. The software im using is Corel videostudio X9 ultimate free trial. I am trying it out before buying it. But i also ran into a similar problem with gopro studios. previews and trimming would freeze up. is this a problem with my config? Hopefully some one can help its driving me crazy. The footage is from my gopro 4 silver and gopro hero and pictures from iphone . I saved footage to external hard drive then transferred to samsung evo 500 SSD. I tried to work from the external hard drive but it started freezing so i figured that was the reason so i transferred it, but it still freezes. please help
    This is my build:
    i7 5820k
    Asus X99-A2
    32 GB DDR4
    Gigabyte Geforce Gtx 970
    EVGA 850 G2 PSU
    NZXT Kraken X61 Liquid cooler
    1-samsung evo 250GB ssd for OS and software
    1-samsung evo 250GB ssd storage
    1-samsung evo 500GB ssd storage
    1-1TB HDD wd blue 7200rpm storage
    1-1TB HDD wd blue 7200rpm storage
    Windows 10
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    Have you checked the Task Manager when you have your problem? That should give you some idea of the real-time performance. Check all the parameters and see if you notice anything out of the ordinary. In TM, click on 'Performance' and you will also see a link to a 'Resource Monitor' that can tell you more exact information.

    Sometimes what you describe could be attributed to other programs running in the background, bogging down the system.
    Your specs seem fast enough that you shouldn't see freezes or a slowdown problem.

    If it isn't background programs or If it isn't the editing software, I would next suggest looking into a device driver problem.
    Check that your MB drivers are up to date and from the MB company, not what you installed from a MB included disc or from W10 updates.

    And welcome to our forums.
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    If your overclocking(and I assume you are with the 5820k) your overclock could be to aggressive.
    Try it at stock speeds and see if you have the same problems.
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  4. This screams software problem to me, most likely your video card drivers.
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