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  1. Hi
    Would like to grab this stream:

    i managed to get the stream, but it does not play, just black screen and no sound.

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    starby, in the future please use a more descriptive subject title in your posts to allow others to search for similar topics. I will change yours this time. From our rules:
    Try to choose a subject that describes your topic.
    Please do not use topic subjects like Help me!!! or Problems.

    Moderator redwudz
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  3. This akamai drm seems to be causing a problem. This is the manifest file that contains the fragments:,650000,...g=MVURWTQTEMPA

    But when I try to use HDSdump, it says that permission is forbidden. This is a lot tougher than I originally thought
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  4. ok i got the stream and it plays fine using IDM. Download and install IDM, then go to this website: and start playing the video. A little button pops up in the bottom left of the screen saying "Download this video". Click the button and the video will download.
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  5. thank you ezcapper.

    didnt know it popped up on iview recently.

    however, the google play seems difficult? if it wasnt on iview, hmmm.....
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