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  1. I was able to get the m3u8 file from a website. However, when i examined the m3u8 file using Notepad, i saw that it contained over 6000 ts segments. I only need a few minutes of the video. I can tell when the part I need is playing by the segments that appear on the url sniffer. Is it possible for me to use FFmpeg or Livestreamer 1.12.2 or any other program to download the m3u8 stream starting at a specific segment for a specified time.
    I see that the clip i want starts at "segment95790484". Is there a command that I could write that would start to download the clip at that segment and continue for either a specified amount of time or until say "segment95790538"

    Basically if anyone had experience with AdobeHDS, I would want to use theses commands but with a m3u8 file.
    --start [param] start from specified fragment
    --duration [param] stop recording after specified number of seconds

    Thank You
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    Edit the m3u8 file to remove the ts segments you don't want.
    Most m3u8 files usually use LF (linux/unix) line breaks. So if you're using windows, use an editor that recognizes LF, like notepad++.
    Then use the edited m3u8 file as input to ffmpeg.

    Another option is to download the ts segments and concatenate or linearly binary-copy them together in sequence.
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