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  1. Hey all,

    I am searching for an effective program in stabilizing very shaky video.

    Shaky in my case is having the camera essentially on my chest, and rocking back and forth whilst filming (my hands were holding the camera but again, it was against my chest and therefore to the mercy of my sloppy walking).

    The subject (a remote controlled car as a university object) in the video is therefore jumping from edge to edge on the screen, and I would like to centralize the car, even if the entire frame twists back and forth across the screen with black corners and whatnot.

    I have seen it done, and the result is a constantly centralized subject with the frame sliding back and forth to provide near perfect stabilization.

    I have tried Movavi, but their mechanic is not strong enough, so to speak. I would like software specially built for this situation.

    Anyhow, please name some software, even better if they are free, that can stabilize such videos.

    Have a good day
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  2. Not Free - ProDAD Mercalli is one of the best.
    Free - Deshaker in VirtualDub
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    Another vote for Deshaker. It has a somewhat steep learning curve, but rivals expensive software in its capabilities.
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  4. hugin

    not tried myself but apparently some make crazy gifs with it

    see also
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