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  1. For some time now, I've had the impression that Pot Player's (v.1.6.49952 64bit) playback lacks color and clarity.

    But I've never bothered to do a comparison test. Until tonight. And I wasn't mistaken.

    Compare the first Pot Player screen grab with the VLC image to see what I mean.

    Then compare the second Pot Player grab (abandoned warehouse) with the Windows Media Player image.

    Anyone have a suggestion about what's happening with Pot Player? I'm sure it used to be much better-looking, so I guess it must be the config.

    Halp, please
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Name:	PotPlayer2.png
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Name:	VLCPlayer2.png
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  2. Heads-up: Don't bother replying, folks - I fixed the problem by uninstalling Pot Player, clearing out all traces of the app in folders and registry, then reinstalling the latest version.
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    Image quality can vary based on the decoder used and how it's configured. Like MPC-HC (and others), the video settings can be customized.
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