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  1. I'm using MPC-HC.

    360p video looks too sharp if I watch it in window mode, but looks too blurry if I switch from window mode to fullscreen mode. Upscaling makes it very blurry.

    Is there a way to make the video bigger, without upscaling it ? Or the only solution is to use a more advanced image sharpening filter ?
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  2. Watch it in a 2x window? Switch your graphics card to nearest neighbor (aka point) resizing? Or use a sharper upscaler (like bicubic).
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  3. In MPC-HC, I have "Bilinear" resizer, which is the default.

    In MPC-HC, the resizers are:
    - Nearest neighbor;
    - Bilinear;
    - Bilinear (PS 2.0);
    - Bicubic A = 0.60 (PS 2.0);
    - Bicubic A = 0.75 (PS 2.0);
    - Bicubic A = 1.00 (PS 2.0).

    Which of those resizers provide the best quality resizing ?
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  4. Try Bicubic 0.75 or 1.00. If you were using Bilinear before that should be a little sharper. You can also use MPCHC's shaders. Try Edge Sharpen and/or Sharpen. But sharpening a low quality video will make the compression artifacts worse.
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