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  1. I need to extract subtitles from mp4 and I read this article before here but it doesn't work.
    I want to extract the subtitles of this video
    In the command line I got this: Output file does not contain any stream.
    Any suggestions ? Thank you.
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  2. I think those subtitles are hardcoded, ie can't be extracted.
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  3. There isn't a way ??
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  4. Not an easy one.

    I can think of two both requiring a lot of work - and no guarantee of succes.

    1) Take the video

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Movie.jpg
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Size:	55.1 KB
ID:	38330

    cut out the subtitle and use Subtitle Edit -> File -> Import Image and make OCR

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Subs.jpg
Views:	261
Size:	53.4 KB
ID:	38331

    2) The other could be to re-mux the .mp4 to .avi

    ffmpeg -i Video.mp4 -c copy Video.avi
    and see if you have any luck with AVISubDetector
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  5. the second doesn't worked so I will try the first one.
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