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    I have a low budget film from 2004 called The Graffiti Artist - Fortunately I bought the DVD when I saw the film at the Sydney Film Festival years ago as it appears to be out of print. Back then I didn't need subs but age has it's effect!

    It doesn't have any subs or chapters. I've created chapters and now I'm creating an English subtitle as there is a lot of mumbling etc.. I found a Spanish sub so I have the timings and I do understand a little Spanish - sort of bluff your way thru Spanish level....

    Which are the best subtitle programs that have auto translate facilities ? I've already done the more obvious lines. A dialog to text program would be a boon but the mumbling quality of a pair of teenage street graffiti characters would be taxing it a tad methinks..

    I've used Google translate for a few lines bu tif I could get a whole srt file translated even poorly it would be easier to work with

    Many thanks
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  2. Subtitle Edit has (google) translation.
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