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  1. Both are 16x DVD-R, MID TYG03, Made in Japan. One has part # J-DMR-JVC-IJB-SK , the other J-DMR-WPP-SK16 .
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    Taiyo Yuden (JVC) quit making optical discs back in December of 2015. They sold their formulas and mid codes to CMC Magnetics.

    The J-DMR-JVC-IJB-SK seems to be old stock, made in Japan by TY.

    The J-DMR-WPP-SK16 is also an old part number, and may be old stock. You'll need to look on the label to make certain that they are made in Japan. The new, CMC discs using the TY technology have a similar, though slightly different number T-DMR-WPP-SK16, and will have Made in Taiwan on the label. See the bottom of this page:

    Since both of the numbers you listed are TY G03, there will be very little if any difference in their construction or burning qualities. Both seem to be hub printable versions.
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