Hello everyone,

I'm looking for the best way to save the MMS stream of a TV program, which 1) often has general connection problems (when watching it using VLC the playback sometimes gets interrupted or the vision gets blurry for a few seconds) - I guess this could be solved by caching. However, 2) sometimes the connection gets reset completely. So I need a solution, which provides a caching option and which automatically reconnects and writes to the same output file when the connection gets reset.

Basically I know a few tools one can use for recording MMS streams: mimms, mencoder, mplayer, (command line) VLC and ffmpeg.

Having used

mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile file.asf mms://xxx.xxx
worked, until the "connection got reset by peer" after a few hours.

Does someone know how one could make mplayer make reconnect automatically when the connection gets reset?

Then I also tried using command line VLC, hoping that specifying the "--repeat" parameter would work:

clvc mms://xxx.xxx --repeat --network-caching=1500 --sout=file/avi:"tvstream$(date +%F).avi"
... but this didn't work at all and only produced an output file having the size of a few hundred kb which couldn't be opened. (Maybe caused by wrong demuxer options?)

I would really appreciate any suggestions or ideas on how to solve this.

Thanks in advance