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  1. (I'm a bit surprised by having failed to find any mention of this point, so much as to suspect it's either viewed as very obvious, or I'm totally missing something basic in VD's interface...):

    I found out that when using VirtualDub's export->Using external encoder feature, any filters set in video->filters... don't ever kick into action. (they do work immaculately when using VD's standard Save as AVI).

    So just to make sure I'm getting it right: when using external encoders, must filtering be edited into the command string as command arguments? (using VD's external encoders interface?).
    Or is there nonetheless some corner I've been overlooking in VD's interface that would incorporate the specified filter(s) + its params into the encoder's command, much as the case is when saving to AVI from VD's File menu?

    Thanks in advance!!
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    I just the frameserve function over to MainConcept or whatever other software I have that accepts .avs files.
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  3. No, it definitely should work with filters.
    Double check what are you doing

    At the point when you save to avi and result is good, you should be able to just get the same result with export..external without any extra effort.
    Try with some obvious filter like extreme hsv to be sure.
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  4. Set Video->Full processing mode
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  5. hech54, shekh, and sneaker, thanks very much for your replies!!

    I got the resize filter to manifestly work with external encoding...
    Otherwise, having experimented for over a week prior to posting my original question, downloading and configuring and placing various builds, versions and architectures (32/64 bit) around the system, and configuring and reconfiguring the s**t out of Virtual Dub, I can no longer assume I'm reliably troubleshooting stuff happening with this installation.
    I guess the right thing to do now is a "clean install" of sorts, restore an image of a clean windows 7, and then very carefully place freshly-downloaded codecs and modules, perhaps keeping record of what is placed where, and every change in the setup. And of course, start configuring a clean VirtualDub from scratch.

    hope to come back with insights to post here...
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