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  1. So I kept getting this for nearly years from windows 7 and all the way to windows 10. Never knew what caused it! It happened every time I tried to delete a video or even rename videos. It was a nightmare. I didn't really try fixing it ...but today I finally had enough and removed anything related to "codec" from my PC (K-Lite...Nero etc).

    It was dBpoweramp. Not sure what I exactly installed (I'm so sorry - I thought it was the program itself but definitely only one component of it since I still have R14.4 installed!...) Something to do with dBPoweramp 100%. Thought to post this here since no google results gave solutions!

    Hope this helps!!
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  2. This used to be a common problem, especially with A/V files. When you hover over, or right click on, a file in Explorer it will attempt to read the file properties to display them (depending on the Explorer settings). The properties files are read by "Shell Extensions" and passed along to Explorer. If the Shell Extension locked up Explorer would lock up. Many Shell Extensions used to lock up on damaged files, or file types unknown to them. It can be hard tracking down which Shell Extension causes the problem, and what program installed it.
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