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  1. [MPC-HC (MPC-BE)] Can't change resizer: same output for each resizer

    I need some expert help.

    I'm experimenting with using different resizers (bilinear, bicubic 0.6, etc.) but have a problem.

    After I change to a different resizer and save an image (in PNG format) for comparison, the image is absolutley the same (same hash). CTRL+J in MPC shows a new resizer.

    I've tried this withboth MPC-HC, and MPC-BE portable versions.


    Different resizers should produce different images, correct?

    Is this a problem with my setup or am I doing something fundamentally wrong?

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    I may be wrong, but I think the built-in resizers in MPC-HC/-BE work only during the video playback, so they are not used at all when capturing individual frames to image files

    If I were you, I would use the olde and goode PrintScreen, and then save the captured images with an appropriate editor.
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  3. Yeah I'm pretty sure MPC-HC's "save image" function only ever saves at the original resolution. To compare you could put the player in fullscreen mode and use the printscreen button on your keyboard, then paste the clipboard into an image program. You'll be wanting to open a low resolution video and run it fullscreen on a higher resolution display. There's no point comparing 1080p video fullscreen on a 1080p monitor as there's no resizing involved.

    Or, you can open more than one instance of MPC-HC, open the same video with each, pause them on identical frames and run them maximised (not fullscreen if you have a single monitor or it's hard to change which one you're looking at). That way you can switch between them to compare without all that bothersome saving of images. Each instance of MPC-HC would be set to use different resizing, or course.

    If that doesn't work (they won't both display at the same time) try selecting EVR or VMR9 as the renderer. If they're selected already it should work.

    I use Bilinear (PS 2.0) mostly. It's not particularly sharp but I tend to watch a lot of low resolution video fairly close to a large screen and sharpened Xvid compression artefacts annoy me. Bicubic is sharper and better for resizing quality 720p to 1080p, for example.

    I'm not sure I tell the difference between the various Bicubic options.
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