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  1. Hello people from VideoHelp,

    I got a challenge that I need to conquer. I have a recorded footage (of myself) with a normal background (some plants, a couch and a TV).

    I want to remove the background completely. I tried all different methods but the best way seems to me to export all frames into JPG and then use photoshop to cut the background out leaving me alone...

    I have successfully done so but now I face the issue that when all frames are put together... they are not smooth... the edges change slightly frame by frame. I use Sony Vegas to edit the videos.

    Is there an easy way to fix this or make it smooth?

    Much appreciated.

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  2. Code:
    @ffplay -i %1 -an -vf hqdn3d=luma_spatial=16:chroma_spatial=16:luma_tmp=8:chroma_tmp=8,format=pix_fmts=rgb24,colorkey=color=0x00D800:similarity=40/256:blend=7/256,alphaextract,colorlevels=aimin=127/256:aimax=129/256
    Works for me...
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  3. photoshop can be use to edit video directly (so you can see frame to frame changes and fluctations more clearly and make adjustments) . But it's probably faster/easier to rotoscope in after effects in the first place. That's how you make it smooth.
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    Reshoot it, and this time, use a "Difference" blend mode to subtract the background. You'll need Vegas PRO.

    Tip: Having a "clean" background "plate" is the key to success here.
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