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    Dear interested reader,
    for a cool, new project we are seeking a new team member!

    The project is a mix of the two topics "Gaming" and "Show". We are currently building up the team and aim at getting bigger and better every day. Our idea is currently in the making and we want to finalize it together, gather around and just commonly start it together. We want to use the Scrum method to be agile, modern and succesful.

    I have a full time job, am a father and flying across the country from time to time. So, this project is mainly a spare time project. I do not want to put pressure to anyone on the team so schedules will be shared and aligned with everybody.

    The project is in the making and we do not think about earning money with what we love (yet). Focus is on self-fullfilment, being part of something bigger than yourself. When we will be successful, money will follow shortly.

    Who do we want?
    • Our Content Producer should bring the following skill set:
    • Pioneer mentality
    • Is motivated when it comes to working towards a goal and also understands to motivate people
    • Thrives to be the best
    • Reliable
    • Willing to improve every day, even for a little bit
    • Communicates with the team
    • Builds trust among fellow partners

    What would the activities be for you?
    • Records video and audio from defined sources
    • Creates scenes in collaboration with creative minds
    • Designs great stuff in post processesing
    • Uploads the content to our channels

    If you are eager to learn more, please PM me. I would love to Skype with you for a first chat to exchange stuff about the project and ourselves.

    Best of all wishes,
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  2. Any samples or previous works you can link to?
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    Hi smrpix,
    actually this is the first concept since the idea just struck lightning. I am not experienced in video editing at all that's why I am looking for a dedicated guy who has these skills.
    This is not just a video/youtube thingy though.

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