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  1. bros can u please help me in removing floating watermark from videos please help me tried most of the method but every time me failed so please help me
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    Watermarks cannot be removed as it's part of the video.

    The few solutions that I've seen, typically involve simply blurring that part of the image so that you cannot read/see the watermark. But you end up with a blurry spot in the video the size of the watermark.
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  3. You need something like opencv and if watermark is transparent then it should be possible to relatively simple subtract it from video (local change in luminance and eventually chrominance) - if watermark is not translucent then you may try to use inpainting with mask of the watermark.
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  4. He says it's a floating watermark, meaning it moves around. Tamil and other South Indian films and film songs are notorious for this nonsense. And they're usually opaque. I've not seen or heard of any methods for handling this kind of thing and I spend a lot of time removing logos from Indian films.

    I could be wrong, though, so if santhosragav would kindly provide a short sample (unreencoded, from the source0, then we could have a look.
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  5. That's why i proposed or similar for text detection (if watermark is text).
    Not sure how determine is OP and how worth is to play with this kind of processing but it should be feasible nowadays...
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  6. I'll admit I hadn't looked at your link before, but now that I have it's all Greek to me and I understand nothing of what was written. Unless and until there's an AviSynth filter for it (and I wouldn't expect it to work anyway), it's just a bunch of words on a page. Still, a sample from the source would be nice.
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  7. tried bros but no response ! quality of the image getting worse
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  8. You've been asked twice now for a sample. A short sample - 10 seconds or so, untouched from your source. Either provide one or don't expect any help.
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    in this video see from 0.13 watermark goes around
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  10. Originally Posted by santhosragav View Post

    in this video see from 0.13 watermark goes around
    video is private
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  11. Your source is a (private) YouTube video? You're not using a DVD or something else?
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  12. Originally Posted by santhosragav View Post
    This video contains content from Divo, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
    Can you cut a section from your original source as suggested , and upload it here
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  13. There's no way I know of to remove that kind of a logo except by blurring the entire row in which the logo travels. It looks like a warez group logo to me, and not an official release. If you have the source DVD, if I were you I'd spend time trying to learn how to get it back to 24fps properly. That one is full of missing frames, duplicate frames, and blended frames, and the audio isn't synched properly. It's a mess. If you didn't make that yourself and just downloaded the work of some clueless idiots, then I'd suggest you find another source.

    Or ... gasp! ... buy the DVD.
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  14. thqanks for ur reply
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  15. You could use Animate() in an AviSynth script to apply a delogo filter to a moving block. But you'd have to figure out the starting frame and starting location, and the ending frame and ending location manually.
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  16. ll try to do bro ! thanks for ur reply
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  17. Here's an example using dekafka() and animate();

    original = last
    Animate(319,1734, "dekafka", last,20,10,72,12,255, last,313,10,72,12,255)
    ReplaceFramesSimple(original, last, mappings="[319 1734]")
    Image Attached Files
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  18. Of course, next people will start using non-linear motion so it will get harder!
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  19. ]Thanks alot bro u r simply awesome
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