I cannot figure out how to configure my new Windows installation (from scratch), to open DebugMode signpost avi file into any 64-bit encoder/player/editor!

In my older Windows installation, I was able to somehow make it work, accidentally. I was trying to load some weird camera content and I've installed the K-Lite Codec package. I've never installed a codec package before, so I've messed with the settings and I eventually made it work. I don't remember what I did, but I had a side effect. The VFW format, DFSC codec ID (as shown by MediaInfo) avi file, started to load in 64-bit players, editors and encoders. And not only the audio stream, like before, but the video as well.

After re-installing windows and all the applications, I'm no longer able to make it work. I can only use 32-bit encoders. The 64-bit ones, complain about the decoder for DFSC video missing. I'll APPRECIATE any help!!