Hi Guys,

I am trying to organise my video collection of mkv files and I need a little help.

Please could someone show me a batch file to check for mkv files in a directory and attach the files; cover.jpg, small_cover.jpg and details.nfo files that are in the same video folder?

I have mkvpropedit installed in C:\Program Files\MKVToolNix\mkvpropedit.exe

The folder structure is like this...

F:\Videos\Video One\Video1.mkv
F:\Videos\Video One\cover.jpg
F:\Videos\Video One\small_cover.jpg
F:\Videos\Video One\details.nfo

F:\Videos\Video Two\Video2.mkv
F:\Videos\Video Two\cover.jpg
F:\Videos\Video Two\small_cover.jpg
F:\Videos\Video Two\details.nfo

F:\Videos\Video Three\Video3.mkv
F:\Videos\Video Three\cover.jpg
F:\Videos\Video Three\small_cover.jpg
F:\Videos\Video Three\details.nfo

Doing it one mkv at a time is pretty easy but its going to take forever. Please help