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  1. I bought my dvd from Egypt. So , it is region 2. It is new december 2015. I tried to make it free region. I changed the grid numbers. I didn't write the original old ones. I got the tray error. I need badely to resotre the original grid numbers of region 2 since the region free doesn't succeed. What are the original grid numbers of Samsung D530 dvd of region 2 to have my dvd player working again.
    Thanks in Advance.
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    Have you tried searching in the hacks section.
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  3. I did what I did to my dvd by the aid of hack list. But the listed numbers in the posts seems old. My dvd was bought in december 2015. So, I need the numbers of new piece. Now the tray of my dvd doesn't function. I can't use it for any of my dvd region 2 or the ones I got from USA.
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