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    I bought a hipstreet pulse and found after a few days after using that the otg feature was no longer being recognized,plug a usb flash drive into the otg and not being recognized,reset the tablet and the otg started working again but after a few more days no longer working again.

    I found the issue was if you used the cast screen in display it disabled the hdmi out and on reboot the otg was disabled as well,the fix is to go into display and click on hdmi and re-enable it,otg will start working again right away,hope this helps anyone with the same issue.
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  2. I have recently purchased 2 Hipstreet Flare HS-9DTB4-8GB tablets for my children.
    During the initial set up I followed all instructions given in the instructional video.
    I am having problems connecting the internet. I have a laptop and a android smart phone all of them I had no trouble connecting.
    The tablet cant obtain our IP address.
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