Hello, dear all.

I want to test the following add-on for Google Chrome browser:

---> https://tampermonkey.net/?ext=dhdg&browser=chrome

But I do not want to "add it " to Chrome directly, but I wan to get the file itself for manually installation.

Where I can find the file itself? In the link above I can only "add" the add-on directly , not downloading as a single file or something like that.

I want it like that because I need the file itself to be portable and I'm be able to install in different PC's. One of PC's have firewall and I can't access the page to add the addon directly. And if I have the add-on as a single file, I could install it manually, even if I can't access the Tampermonkey's site.

Thanks for the tips.

Best regards.

devil (johner)